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USGR proudly distributes products from National Incerator, Inc.

National Destructor
Animal and Poultry Incinerators

National Incinerator offers 5 models of incinerators and crematory for disposal of a variety of animals, specializing in poultry and swine crematory.  We offer Destructor, Junior Incinerator 100 lbs;  Destructor Junior Incinerator S/C100 lbs, TC  275 Incinerator, 250 lbs; Destructor Incinerator,  500 lbs, Destructor S/C Incinerator 500 lbs and HD500 Incinerator, 500 lbs.   Ideal for city and government for disposal of road kill, veterinary crematory.  

One of our most popular units in the U.S. for veterinary cremation. Many government agencies use animal incinerators for a wide variety of waste and animal disposal.  

We ship Destructor Incinerators worldwide. Very popular with animal shelters. Animal shelter incinerator has no offensive smell and is eye appealing.  

Poultry incinerators and animal crematory have been used worldwide for 30 years.  



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