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The Destructor S/C

Incinerator for Poultry & Swine Disposal

Destructor S/C poultry and swine incineratorThe Destructor Incinerator with Secondary Chamber is the large capacity/big job incinerator that sets the standard for efficiency.

Space and Volume Efficient

Designed with limited space in mind, The Destructor S/C requires only a 10' x 10' area for operation to handle up to a 500 pound capacity. A weather-proof electrical control box means that The Destructor S/C can be installed indoors or out.

Energy Efficient

Two re-adjustable gas burner with a preset burn cycle time and a thermocouple installation conserves fuel and makes

The Destructor S/C very energy-efficient. Also, the use of fresh air to complete the destruction of refuse saves 50% or more over old-type burning methods. Natural or propane fuel may be used.


The Destructor S/C has less smoke and odor than most incinerators and only 2% ash to remove. U.S. Environmental tests are available upon request.


  • 500 Lb capacity
  • Only requires 10' x 10 space
  • Natural or Propane Fuel
  • Two re-adjustable gas burners
  • Thermocouple installation to conserve fuel
  • 115 Volt
  • Inside or Outside installation
  • Only 2% ash remains
  • 5 inches of 3000° refractory lining
  • 2 inch refractory lining in stack and Secondary Chamber
  • 300,000 BTU incinimite burner with cover
  • 50,000 BTU Secondary Chamber burner with cover
  • Counter-balanced charge door with 4" 3000° refractory lining

Electrical & Gas Specifications

  • Customer to connect power and gas to unit.
  • Customer also to furnish pad for incinerator.
  • Power: 115V
  • Natural Gas: 5" to 8" W.C. gas pressure. Minimum 1-1/2" gas pipe.
  • LP Gas: Low pressure. Minimum 5/8" gas pipe.


National Incinerator, Inc. guarantees all materials and workmanship used in the construction of its incinerator including the refractory for a one year period from date of installation. All purchased electrical parts such as burners, fans, timers, and other controls will carry the applicable manufacturer's guarantee of 90 days. Seller shall not be liable for any injury or damage to person or property or any other incidental or consequential damages.


  • Height: 9'10" Length: 6' Width: 4'
  • Weight: 6,750 lbs.
  • Metal: 11 gauge Lining: 5-inch 3000° refractory
  • Poultry Charge Door: 17" x 24". Lining: 4" 3,000° refractory.
  • Swine Charge Door: 17" x 36" Lining: 4" 3,000° refractory
  • Second Chamber: 5'-7" Lining: 2-inch refractory lining
  • Ash Door: 6" x 11" (both ends)
  • Lining: 2-inch 3000° refractory
  • Grates: 6 grates 30" long
  • Burners: 300,000 BTU incinimite burner with cover and 50,000 BM Secondary chamber burner with cover
  • Clean-out Rod: 60" long Two
  • Timers: 6 hour

Destructor S/C swine and poultry incinerator drawings

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